Yohaku - European Street & Townscape in Autumn | Itsuka No Machikado (Y-094)

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The artist's vision for this tape is based on "the streets of Europe, where old things are inherited with care, [and] are simply beautiful and ephemeral." It is reminiscent of "a nostalgic small foreign street corner. The autumn leaves of the town are beautiful, but there is something lonely about them⁡ It keeps appearing in my dreams." 

I love the muted colors of the neighborhood houses, autumn trees, and blue birds in the dusky sky. Dreamy and ready for the change in seasons.

Designed with a touch of subtle elegance, YOHAKU's minimalist washi tapes add a gorgeous, but delicate accent to your paper crafts and planners. 

15mm x 10m

Created by YOHAKU

Made in Japan