Pion - Bird Island Rub-On/Transfer Stickers (2 sheets)

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Bird Island transfer stickers are simply stated, watercolor style designs that have themes of exploring nature while traveling in Greece with the white-washed buildings and ocean breeze.

Rub-On/Transfer stickers are a wonderful addition to your journaling supply collection, as they can be applied to a variety of dry surfaces, seemlessly blending in to the applied background without showing the outline as a normal sticker would. See below for directions on how to apply rub-on stickers.

Pion is a Taiwanese designer who's artistic sentiment evokes beautiful watercolors, natural botanicals and delicate sketches. Pion's tapes are perfect for journals,  planners, scrapbooks and other analogue crafts. 

*One sheet x two designs


Directions for Rub-on/Transfer Stickers:

1. You may cut out the design you wish to use or peel back the white backing paper and just carefully apply the desired design.
2. Tear off the white backing paper.
3. Place it in the desired transfer position and rub over the design with pressure (using a ruler, popsicle stick or other flat object is helpful).
4. Gently peel up the transparent design sheet and your image will be on your surface!