PensPaperPlanner - Food, Stationery & Money Rubber Stamp Series

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The Stationery rubber stamp series from PensPaperPlanner studio is a celebration of stationery addicts and collectors. The sentiments and quotes, so cheekily expressed, convey how wonderful it is to be obsessed with stationery.

PensPaperPlanner designs are minimal and delightful. Collect these wood stamps so that you can express the perfect sentiment in your journals, planners, Traveler's Notebook, and scrapbooks. 

01 - "Good Food, Good Mood" (4 cm x 1 cm)

02 - "Food Traveler" (3 cm x 1 cm)

03 - "Food Tastes Better with Loved Ones" (3 cm x 1 cm) *This updated version has been changed from the photo. Now reads, "Food Tastes Better with Loved Ones"

04 - "Sorry Wallet" (3.5 x 1.5 cm)

05 - "Goodbye Money" (3 cm x 1 cm)

Made in Malaysia

Created by PensPaperPlanner